Australian Songwriters Claim This Tim & Faith Hit is a Rip-Off

Remember this gorgeous Tim & Faith song that was released last year? From their first ever album together, The Rest Of Our Life, this was the title track: 

Australian songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden filed a lawsuit back in January claiming the song, entitled “The Rest Of Our Life,” represents "blatant copying" of their 2014 song "When I Found You.” But now, co-writer Ed Sheeran is fighting back in the courts!

Ed’s lawyers just filed docs in the case, insisting the songs aren’t similar, and arguing that he didn’t ask for permission from Carey and Golden because the Tim and Faith tune is an "originally and independently created musical composition."

Ed is asking a judge to dismiss the case.

You can listen to the Australian song in question below... Personally, I barely hear any similarities. I don't think they've got a legal leg to stand on! It seems to me like this is all for publicity, to get their names out there as songwriters. 

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