8-Year-Old's Act of Kindness Gets Caught on Camera

It can be really easy to get down and depressed about the state of the world. But when you're feeling bad about the way things are going, try to remember that there are will always be good people out there. Always! 

Take, for example, the Adams family in Georgia. Last week Maurice Adams Jr. who is just 8-years-old was in the car with his mother when he spotted an elderly woman in need of assistance. Without hesitating, Maurice asked his mother to stop the car so he could jump out and help the woman cross the street. He's just 8-years-old, but his thoughtfulness and compassion makes him wise beyond his years!

A bystander noticed Maurice in action, and captured the kind deed on video for us all to enjoy. 

Watch, take a breath, and remember that there are good people out there in the world! 

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