Record Breaking 17-Foot Long Python Caught in South Florida

This is something you'd see in an Indiana Jones movie... researchers discovered a record breaking 17-foot long python at the Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida. The snake weighed in at 140 pounds and is the largest python ever to be removed from the preserve.

Researchers have been using a new way of tracking these pythons in order to catch her. Big Cypress National Preserve explained the new method in a Facebook post.

Using male pythons with radio transmitters allows the team to track the male to locate breeding females. The team not only removes the invasive snakes, but collects data for research, develop new removal tools, and learn how the pythons are using the Preserve.
The team tracked one of the sentinel males with the transmitter and found this massive female nearby.
All of the python work at Big Cypress is focused on controlling this invasive species, which poses significant threats to native wildlife.

See the photo below:



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