Florida Woman Leaves $5,000 Tip To Get Revenge On Her Boyfriend

Meanwhile in Florida...Serina Wolfe was arrested and charged after she left a server a $5,000 tip. Wolfe went into a cafe, ordered just over $55 worth of things and left the server a $5,000 tip. Police then learned more about the story. Wolfe had begged her boyfriend to buy her a flight home to Buffalo, New York. The boyfriend declined and an argument broke out. That argument led Wolfe to her impromptu spending spree. Armed with his credit card, she made the purchases, then confessed to officers when asked.

What happens to the $5,000, you might be asking? The restaurant paid the tip out, like normal and now the fight will go to the bank to get that money back.

Wolfe was charged with grand theft.

Photo: Clearwater Police


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