Florida Man Leaves Jeep On The Beach During Hurricane Dorian

A man's Jeep Grand Cherokee has become the most famous SUV since a white Bronco rolled down a California highway. The owner, who wishes to stay anonymous, said he let his cousin borrow his Jeep. The cousin then took it to the beach to get a picture of the sunset before Hurricane Dorian rolled in. That's when the problem began. The Jeep ended up sinking in the sand (probably didn't adjust the tires for sand,) and wound up getting stuck. The cousin abandoned the vehicle as the conditions got worse. Over the next day or so, the cousin tried to get anyone to help him get the Jeep off the beach but no one could because of the storm.

The owner fears that the vehicle is now totaled. A local bagpiper even played a funeral dirge for it.

Photo: Getty Images


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