Florida Woman Finds a Raccoon In Her Christmas Tree

Meanwhile in Florida, when you purchase a tree from a lot or Clark Griswold that thing, you need to check it for critters before bringing it inside. Aubrey Iacobelli, in Tallahassee, had the shock of her life when her dog found a raccoon in their tree. Iacobelli said that her dog kept going in and out of the doggy door and, at one point, was constantly barking at the tree. Iacobelli knew there was something in the tree. Iacobelli grabbed a frying pan and made her way, slowly, towards the tree. When the dog saw the raccoon, the pup lunged towards the tree, scaring the raccoon and knocking the tree over. The raccoon jumped out, grabbing onto the chandelier and swinging there for about 30 minutes.

Iacobelli was able to get the raccoon outside and away from the house.

Photo: Getty Images