Two Florida Women Dressed Up Like Elderly Women To Get The Vaccine

Meanwhile in Florida...two women tried to rush their spot in getting the COVID-19 vaccine by dressing up like elderly women and going to a drive thru vaccination site. The women, both younger than 45, “dressed up as grannies,” wearing bonnets, gloves and glasses to disguise themselves as older than 65, the age cutoff to be prioritized to get the coronavirus vaccine in Florida, said Raul Pino, the director of the health department, whose county includes Orlando.

“This is the hottest commodity that is out there right now, so we have to be very careful,” Pino said. Both women were able to get the first dose but now, will not receive the second. The sad reality, this isn't the first time this has been tried. The women were not arrested or charged but they were warned to not return until it is their turn for the vaccine.

Photo: Getty Images