WATCH: Fist Fight In The Middle Of An Ohio Interstate

two businessmen in a fist fight

Photo: Getty Images

I've seen some crazy road rage.... but you're just making everyone else mad when you decide to go into a full on fist fight stopping 5 lanes of Interstate traffic.

This almost turned into a pay-per-view event in the middle of traffic. A video going viral was caught by a truck driver stuck in shut down traffic because two idiots wanted to go to fists over some road rage.

Driver Jon Castiaux was driving from Springfield to Columbus, Ohio, when a fight broke out in the middle of I-270. He got out his phone to record it in progress, as 5 lanes of traffic where at a stand still. He posted the video on Facebook, and after five days the video had over 550k views. The fight made it way back over into the breakdown lane before police arrived to put cuffs on people. Abdulfatah Musse was onoy written a citation for pedestrian prohibited on the freeway and no arrests were made. No shocker police said one of the men was in “an apparent state of intoxication,” so they took him to the home listed on his driver’s license.
I hope they bought him a belt too.

Watch the video:

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