PBR Unveils The Largest Case Of Beer Ever Produced, 1,884 Beers

Pabst Brewing Company And MillerCoors In Legal Fight That Could Put PBR Out Of Business

Photo: Getty Images

To celebrate their birthday, PBR released the biggest case of beer EVER on the nation's birthday. The 1884 pack of PBR!

Pabst Blue Ribbon Director of National Accounts, Lee Dixon, told Forbes, "Hopefully, it stops people in their tracks and gets them to grab our beer. We wanted to do this around the 4th of July, the biggest beer holiday of the year, because who wouldn’t want to show up with a picture of an [1844] pack to a party?”

The Milwaukee based beer company is boasting about the world’s largest case of beer. The PBR pack has 1,884 beers in it to celebrates the Pabst’s founding year. There are only 250 of them on sale at various locations around the country. The case is 4ft tall and 3 1/2 ft wide and you'll need more than a hand-truck to haul the bad boy out of the store. If there's anything that says "MERICA'" more than this... I'd like to see it.

Of course the company is reminding people to "Drink Responsibly" but this massive case scream more "Grab that leopard print cut off sleeve shirt, straight iron that mullet and hop on your Tiger and LET'S RIDE!"


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