Dolly Parton's "Still Working 9 To 5" Releases Friday

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This Friday, Dolly Parton's new documentary film hits select theaters that upgrades the original from the 80's.

"Still Working 9 to 5" reflects on the making of the original comedy, the issues of gender inequality that the film addresses, and explores why workplace inequality is no laughing matter," a press release states. Parton Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are all back to partake in the film as well.

This version will be a bit slower and "moodier interpretation" according to the statement released. It will still take aim at some of the work place issues the women face, even today. Dolly even mentions in the trailer how shocked she is that it's been 40-years since the original and "it's still important".

The film will his small theaters in New York and California this weekend, and several film festivals around the nation following the release.

Kelly Clarkson helped re-make the song that was a mega-hit and timeless classic from Dolly for the film. It's available on all streaming platforms and wherever you download music. As an idol of Clarkson's growing up, I'm sure she was ecstatic to be able to collaborate on this with the Queen of Country Music.

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