Video: Snake Removed From Woman's Ear

A Close-up Focus Stacked Image of a Ribbon Snake on a Wooden Deck

Photo: Getty Images

This woman was eerily calm for having a snake in her ear. The video has racked up millions of views because of how strange it is.

 India-based social media star named Chandan Singh posted this unbelievable video of a snake coiled in a woman's ear. Video of the herpetological surgery has garnered viral fame but some people are skeptical of the video. Someone pointed out that it was odd that the snake was sticking it's head out of the ear, because that would mean it climbed in backwards. Hmmm

Another skeptic of the video was curious what the "doctor" in the video was only using small tweezers and a cheap syringe to try and get it out. With all the tools that doctors have on hand, that's the best he had?

What do you think?

Either way it's creep-worthy. And how drugged up was the woman in the video to be that calm? IT'S A SNAKE IN YOUR EAR?!

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