Keith Urban Admits He Isn't Pleasant When He's "Hangry"

Keith Urban and Otis Atlanta

We got the chance to talk with Superstar Country Artist Keith Urban about the "Speed Of Now Tour", His "Hangry" Moments, and accent he fools people with, and more.

Keith just jumped off the newest leg of the "Speed Of Now Tour" that will be in Atlanta October 8th. He talked with the show about his buddy Richard Marx who recently said that you can't send songs to Keith when he's "Hangry" because he never likes them. Keith actually laughed and agreed saying, "I hate everything and then I eat something and I go like 'Oh, that's fantastic!"

Everyone loves his Australian accent but Keith actually tries fooling people sometimes with a different accent. He did say "[southern accents] are even sexier" but his go to accent to do is a Scottish one.

When talking about his tour, Keith said, "The last couple of weeks... man the crowds are insane!" He's also very excited to have Ingrid Andress and Tyler Hubbard on his tour. He wrote "Dancin In The Country" with Tyler and called him, "He just a badass. Period!".

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