Utah Senator Is The "Rapping Grandma" For New Ad

Is Linda Paulson running for the "Gangsta Party" vote?

Salt Lake City local Republican Linda Paulson announced she will be on the ballot for the District 12 Senate race, but you might be surprised at how she made the announcement.

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, Paulson created and performed a rap about her campaign, dancing as she listed off her political values.

Paulson’s rap included values important to her campaign such as the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and her pro-stances on religious freedom, police, and life.

Utah’s general election will take place on November 8 with Paulson running against Senate minority leader, Karen Mayne... which sounds like an angry white lady rap name too!

Ain't Nuthin but a Gangsta Party!

It needed a little help... let's be honest: Haha

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