Man Arrested in Midtown Atlanta Continuously Naked And Peeing From Balcony

A man in Midtown ATL was just arrested after people say he is continuously naked in public and peeing from his balcony. People started carrying umbrellas in the area, it got so bad.

Police arrested Mercedes New, also known as Shawty Dred by nearly a million followers on Instagram, for public indecency and other charges stemming from urinating from his high rise apartment onto the street below.

WSB caught up with him as he was being placed in police cars and he shouted, “I’m famous! I’m on TV, bruh,” New said. “I didn’t do this, man. No. I’m innocent. I promise I didn’t do this.”

Police were called to  Icon Atlanta on 14th Street and West Peachtree Street, where the rapper lives, after multiple complaints of similar incidents. Some nieghbors said they even considered using umbrellas to walk below, so they wouldn't get "rained" on by bodily fluids from above. Some have even shared videos of him doing it with police and news stations.

“Oh my God, it kind of exceeds the bounds of decency,” nearby worker Anthony Henry told WSB-TV, “You would think that someone wouldn’t even do that in that area where you have people walking by.”

We don't have actual footage, but this Tik Tok compilation of others that couldn't find an actual toilet should do the trick:

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