Thanksgiving "You Should Probably Leave" Parody

It is time for Thanksgiving turkey!

Photo: Getty Images

We've all got one or two, maybe more, members of our family/friends that just won't take a hint when it's time to leave. Check out this parody of "You Should Probably Leave" by Otis just for them.

Moote, Kimmie, And Otis have shared stories and moments this week of some crazy moments around Thanksgiving and the crazy family that we endure through it. After hearing Chris Stapleton's "You Should Probably" leave (which has a much sexier undertone to it's lyrics), Otis felt the need to re-write it for those people in our life that are coming for the Thanksgiving Holiday that just don't read the room very well, when they've over-stayed their welcome.

In case you have those people... share this song with them.

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