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Luke Combs is dropping "Getting Old", his newest album, March 24th. Moote, Kimmie & Otis talked to him about it, songs about his baby on it, and even played "Most Likely To"

"[Growin up Album] in a lot of ways was me getting me ready for this album", Combs told MKO about his latest album coming out. There are songs written with Eric Church and Ray Fulcher on the new album, even a fan favorite "Joe" will finally be released. As far as any songs about his new baby Tex on the album, Luke said "there's 2 on here that touch on that... I think being in that mind set kind of helped guide where some of these songs went overall."

There is a bit of a Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen battle as both albums drop in March. Luke said of a rivalry, "I don't think that was ever the goal, it just happens to be how it happened." This album follows up several massive albums from Luke Combs including 1 that hit a record 50 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart, adding to his other massive accolades. He's barely been on the country seen for 6 or 7 years and already racked up HUGE awards and feats, but Luke remains humble saying, "I try to go into everything with the same mindset as everything... not that I'm not proud of it, cause I'm definitely proud of it. I try to look forward instead of dwelling on the past."

We played one of our favorite show games with Luke Combs an asked him which superstar friends are Most Likely To: "Run up a bar tab", "Not text back" or who he's "Most Likely to let babysit". Can you guess who he said before he answers? I can tell you Luke Bryan's name and Brantley Gilbert's names came up.

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