Luke Combs On Opening Shows For Brantley Gilbert

Luke Combs is out on the opening on Brantley Gilbert‘s The Devil Don’t Sleep tour, which is the first major tour that he’s a been a part of. Luke admits that instead of being intimidated about performing in front of so many new people…he just took it as a challenge, “So, when we go out, I knew that these were the kind of people that are really prone to want to latch onto what we’re doing. I wouldn’t say as much intimidating as it was exciting…I really love a challenge. So, going out in front of some new fans because this is our first big tour we’ve been on, up until now almost everything we’ve done has been essentially us headlining our own shows. So, everyone that’s there is there to see us, so there’s not as much worry of ‘are these people gonna like me?’ or ‘are they gonna like this song?’ or ‘enjoy what we’re doing?’ It was fun to go out and say ‘are these people gonna relate to what I’m doing?’ So far we’ve had pretty good luck with that.”

Music City Minute

Music City Minute

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