Chris Young Says No To Being A Movie Actor

Chris Young‘s video for his “Losing Sleep” recently arrived online for fans to see, and it features the country music star flexing his acting chops. While Chris is no stranger to starring in his own videos, he admits there’s very little chance of him moving from music videos to major acting roles, “There’s a 95 percent probability that I never do a movie, unless it was just something that I really got into because it’s just so time consuming. It takes all day to film a three minute music video, all day. And you need every shot because there’s so much stuff that happens.” Even with that all day filming, Chris was committed to the project, “I really feel like with this treatment for Losing Sleep, there was such a vision with the actual treatment rundown, when I got the page that says, okay this is what’s going to happen in the video, I just wanted to make sure it was right.”

Music City Minute

Music City Minute

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