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Josh Turner Is Ready For Fans To Hear Deep South

  Josh Turner is set to release his new album Deep South tomorrow and considering it’s been five years since his last record he understands if fans are anxious for some new tunes.

“They’ve been champing at the bit,” he tells Billboard. “I can’t blame them, as I’m ready to get it out myself. It’s pretty gratifying to be this close, and have a record in the top 15.” (The album’s single “Hometown Girl” is at number 13 on Country Airplay chart.)

As for that break, Josh says all the time off contributed heavily to the album. “I think that this is just basically a culmination record of the hard work I’ve put forth the past four or five years,” he says. “I feel like we cover a lot of ground on this record…I'm pretty proud of the record, and the way it came together, and it’s been a long time coming.”

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