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Justin Moore Says NO MORE Babies After This One

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Justin Moore and his wife Kate are expecting their fourth child in June, and a lot of people assume with three little girls that they decided to have a fourth to try for a boy, but Justin says that is not the case at all. He says, “We’re done and everybody keeps asking me like in interviews and stuff they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re trying for that boy, huh.’ And I say y’all don’t even know, it ain’t me. I was done with three girls. I was happy with my girls and I think I can make that pretty clear. But my wife wants a boy so bad she can’t stand it. And so she worked on me for about a year. So, she finally got me drunk and took advantage of me.”

Justin, whose latest single, “Somebody Else Will,” is steadily climbing the charts, will be out on the road through early May, with a few more dates scheduled in the summer, which means he’ll at least have some time to spend at home with his new son or daughter once they arrive.

Photo:  Moore Family

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