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Luke Combs Rolls In Like A Hurricane...On The Weather Channel

Jim Cantore covered a hurricane on The Weather Channel, only this time he didn’t have to be pelted by wind, rain and debris. That’s because he was talking to Luke Combs about his number-one song “Hurricane,” and the special announcement that Luke made about 3 pop-up shows in Chicago, Nashville, and Asheville, NC in the days leading up to the June 2nd release of his debut album This One’s For You

Luke was thrilled to appear on The Weather Channel, but this wasn’t the first time he met Jim Cantore, Luke shared that Jim “came to a show back in Atlanta a few months ago…I think it was December of last year…and he’s a big fan. So, it was cool. I watched him growing up, on the Weather Channel, and it was just one of those full circle type moments.”

 But it was a moment that almost didn’t happen thanks to traffic, 2 minutes, and a little rounding up time by his manager Kappy. Luke says “Oh man, I went on…I made it by the hair of my chiny chin chin. You wouldn’t believe it. Live TV, so, I left my house at a little bit before 7, and then traffic was like extra brutal this morning, so Kappy’s calling me, he’s like ‘Hey man, are you going to make it?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, dude, I’ll be there at 7, 7:35.’ is what I told him. Everybody told me ‘it’s like 7:40, is the time for the thing’…well, it’s really 7:38 is the real time. In live TV, that’s like crucial, 2 minutes is a crucial amount of time. So, I’m pulling into Kappy’s office, and I got my phone going off and it’s this Georgia number, and I’m like ‘well, I’m not answering this, I don’t know who it is.’ And then they call me again, and I’m like ‘Oh, this is probably the Weather Channel.’ So, they were calling me cause they were like “oh, he’s not going to make it on camera.’ And I was literately getting out of the truck and I walked into Kappy’s office and sat right in the chair, and then within 30 seconds we were on TV. So, it was very close, very close. Kappy was sweating for sure (laugh)”

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