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Jake Owen Adds A New Guy To The Family

Jake Owen is making sure his bulldog Merle is in good company with a new canine brother named Axel. Of course when a new sibling is brought home, there’s always some ruff patches…Jake shares that Merle is “a little frustrated, with the addition of a new dog because the new dog is obviously a German Shepherd, so he is way bigger than Merle now and he’s kinda rough with Merle. So it’s alright. When I got Merle, I had another dog as well and Merle gave him a hard time, so he is just getting what he deserves, what is owed to him.” Of course everyone is getting use to each other, and new routines are being established, and at the end of the day, Jake says “it’s good to have a new guy in the family.” Jake Owen is living what he sings…he’s definitely in “Good Company.”

Photo:  Instagram

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