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Rascal Flatts Mentors Blake Shelton’s Team On “The Voice”

Looks like Blake Shelton has recruited his buddies in Rascal Flatts for the upcoming season of The Voice

The group has already started shooting their stint on the series and tells Extra that they are impressed by the team Blake has assembled.

“Blake’s got such a great ear turning his chair around and finding great people, so it’s been awesome meeting them and giving them some tips,” Gary LeVox shares. “It’s been a lot of fun working with him. A lot of talent, a lot of talent on Team Blake.”

Meanwhile, Blake wants Rascal Flatts to do more than just mentor his team, noting that he hopes to perform with them on the show. He offers, “Yes, I’m going to because this is my show and people do what I tell them to do.”

Season 13 of The Voice premieres September 25th.

OH...AND THIS...Blake also offered up some thoughts on the upcoming season, and you can tell he’s already itching for a fight. “It’s going to be some of what we have seen before with Adam (Levine) and his ego,” Blake says. “Miley (Cyrus) is a returning coach; she’s changed…she’s country now and that’s an insult to me and I take it personally, so she’s on my hit list.” He adds, “The jury’s out on Jennifer (Hudson). She’s a sweet person, I like her a lot, beautiful girl, but that doesn’t matter... she is also my competition, so forget her.”

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