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Sugarland Has A Lot Planned For Their Reunion

Sugarland is officially back together and the duo, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, has a lot planned for their reunion. The pair stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for their first interview since reuniting and announced they will be releasing new music next year and also hitting the road.

“We’re going on tour, guys! 2018!,” Jennifer said. “There’s going to be new music and new live shows.” 

As for the decision to reunite, Jennifer says there was no “big ‘a-ha’ moment.” She explains, “we never closed the door. We never said like, ‘We’re breaking up forever!’… So when you don’t close a door, you can walk back through it.” 

The pair also opened up about their surprise appearance at the CMA Awards last month, and apparently everyone went to great lengths to keep their appearance on the down low. “It was extreme lockdown,” Jennifer shares, adding that they didn’t rehearse their appearance or anything. “We drove up right before we got up on stage, got out of the car literally in the secret tunnel that I also did not know existed and then walked back off and off to the car, and away we went.”

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