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GQ Magazine Goes Country

Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill and Chris and Morgane Stapleton are among the artists featured in  GQ's Sultans of Twang article.

In the photo spread, Randy is decked out in an all-leather suit costing nearly $8000 and a shirt that will break the bank at $450. Vince's long leather Versace coat clocks in at almost 30-grand. And Alan and Chris are wearing mostly their own duds, just as you would expect.

The story is in the 2018 spring issue.

Those stars can well afford those spendy clothes, but they probably wouldn't buy them for themselves.

Good to see GQ featuring artists outside of mainstream country like Anderson East and Margo Price. It gives us an air of cool.

But Sultans of Twang? Really? Have they even heard country music lately?

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