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Jake Owen Releases Video for "Jack and Diane"

Jake Owen has released the video to "I Was Jack (You Were Diane)" -- an homage to the John Mellencamp classic "Jack and Diane."

Jake sought out John's permission before recording the song.

"I'll be honest, if I told you I wasn't nervous about getting his approval, I'd be lying to you. But he and his crew were 100 percent on board. They said we were really excited about this and we're flattered, so go ahead with it."

Just Thoughts:

  • Jake was only a year old when "Jack and Diane" came out. 
  • John Mellencamp gets a songwriting credit for the new song. 
  • Why wouldn't Mellencamp approve? He'll make money off the new song.
  • The video is long, but worth a watch. 

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