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Carrie Underwood Faces Criticism Online

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Carrie Underwood recently suggested in an interview with “Redbook,” that because she was 35, she and hubby Mike Fisher “may have missed our chance” at having a big family, and it seems some folks are upset over it.

Apparently some people are offended because they took it as Carrie saying that 35 is too old to have a child. “You need to know your window for having children is not closed,” one person shared on Twitter. “The only thing stopping you is your decision to or not to. You can still have healthy children. 35 is not old, 35 is not too late, 35 is fine.” Meanwhile another added, “I’m 38 and just had a baby … she’s being ridiculous.” 

But to be fair, Carrie never actually said 35 is too old to have a baby. As we noted, she only said it may be too late for her to have a “big family,” and suggested she and her hubby may consider adopting. Plus, while many women do give birth after 35, as an article in Parenting magazine notes, there are some health concerns to take into account when pregnant at that age or older.

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