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Brett Eldredge Opens Up About His Anxiety

While Brett Eldredge seems like a fun and freewheeling guy, but he admits when he was young he suffered debilitating anxiety attacks. 

“As a kid, I would kind of have like a panic attack but I didn’t even know what that was,” Brett tells the ABC news podcast, 10% Happier, “[In] college, I remember times where I would go to a party and I would be breaking into sweats and, like, just drenched, and I’d just [think], ‘Is something wrong with me.”

He adds, “I can’t tell you how many times I went to the doctor thinking, ‘There’s something really wrong,’ I’m always looking for somebody else that’s experiencing the same thing as me. It’s because you feel like you’re all alone.”

Brett’s anxiety got so bad it would send him to the emergency room with physical pain, and it would actually make him dread performing. He eventually started making changes in his life, focusing on his mental health with the help of exercise, a healthy diet, time outside, sleep and more. He even took up meditation and gratitude journaling.

“I still have trouble… it’s not like I’m not happy,” he says. “If I can continue to grow, and [grow] with mindfulness, I think that it can become a thing where it helps everything that I do — and it already does.”

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