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Thomas Rhett: House Divided...Kinda

Thomas Rhett, who just released his brand new single, “Sixteen,” lives in a house divided when it comes to college football.  Being a Georgia boy, he is a die-hard University of Georgia Bulldogs fan, while his wife Lauren is a University of Tennessee Volunteers fan.  However, as long as their teams aren’t playing each other, Thomas says, “It’s actually pretty cordial. Like, if Tennessee’s playing anybody but Georgia, I pull for Tennessee, and if Georgia’s playing anybody but Tennessee, Lauren’ll pull for Georgia. I mean she’ll even put on a red shirt. I mean, she’ll go with me there.”

But when Georgia and Tennessee go head to head, like they will do this Saturday, the 29th, Thomas says, “We do not watch that game together. We don’t watch the Georgia-Tennessee game together. It is not good for anybody that’s around us. So we won’t be together.”

It looks like their kids will be watching the game with mom because although they probably don’t know the difference, Thomas’ two daughters, Willa and Ada, are technically UT fans because their college football allegiance was wagered in a couple of bets between TR and Lauren, and he lost both bets.  But he says, “I’ll sneak some Georgia in there when they get old enough to understand it.”

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