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Thomas Rhett Has BEEN Ready For Halloween

All holidays are a pretty big deal in Thomas Rhett’s house, including Halloween. 

In fact, he says, “My wife started decorating for Halloween in the middle of June. My wife decorates way too early for every holiday and Halloween is one of our favorite holidays besides Christmas.”

He might be exaggerating just a little, but Halloween is definitely an even bigger deal now that Thomas has two little girls who like to dress up. 

This year he says, “Disney is gigantic in our house. I mean our kids have watched every Pixar movie under the sun, and all the classic,s and there’s been a few things tossed around as far as being Finding Nemo characters or Monsters Inc. characters, but I think it’ll be a fun time. My kids love Halloween.”

We found out Thomas’ daughters settled on being characters from Monsters Inc. for Halloween, but we don’t know if the “Sixteen” singer will dress up in his own Monsters Inc. costume (perhaps Sullivan) or not.

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