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CMA Awards: Luke Combs

Let's talk a little CMA Awards in regard to Luke Combs.  This is the first time he's up for Male Vocalist of the Year.  And the second time he's up for New Artist of the Year.  Pretty impressive for a guy who didn't even consider being a singer until high school. 

'I didn't know that I was even good at it probably until the ninth grade. I just knew I liked it and people liked to hear me sing. And that was it. I wasn't like, man am I any good at this or anything. It was just something. It was just something I was comfortable doing and it really made me happy."

Not only is Luke nominated…he’s also performing on the show.  Don’t miss the 52nd Annual CMA Awards LIVE from Nashville Wednesday, November 14th at 8 on ABC.  You can also listen to it on 94.9 The Bull.

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