Carly Pearce Gets Body Shamed on Social Media

Carly Pearce was body shamed after a show by a fan on social media. Carly posted the messages because she was in such disbelief and because she feels that it’s important for women to see that words are powerful no matter what you think.  As a huge Carly Pearce fan let me say this…Artists are human beings…and human beings have feelings.  So in the future…should a nasty thought cross your mind at a concert that you attended because obviously you’re a fan – DON’T say it…and for the love of it…DON’T post it.  I personally don’t pay money for concert tickets to see a flat stomach.  I pay to hear and watch somebody really talented perform.  In saying all of that…I second what Carly says…Think before you speak and BE KIND.  Body Shaming and Bullying are disgusting bad habits.  And they’re never okay.

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