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Army Major Surprises His Son Before Final Football Game

I could watch soldier homecoming videos all day. I would cry all day, but it would be worth it.

Army Major Fred Grooms Senior has been stationed in Kuwait since 2020 and last week he surprised his son, Fred Grooms Junior at his final football game of the season in Alabama. The reunion video has gone viral.

Grooms Senior wasn’t scheduled to come home until the end of October, but he knew he’d miss his son’s last football game of the season if he couldn’t get home earlier. So he explained it to his commander and was given permission to leave two weeks early. Keeping him hidden was a bit challenging. He arrived home the day before the game, so his wife hid him in their house until their children left for school.

When the players took to the field for the coin toss, Grooms Senior was hidden in plain sight, dressed as a referee. Players from both teams, including Grooms Junior, were instructed to get a good look at the officials for the game and that’s when his son realized that his dad was home. What an incredible embrace the two share. And...I'm crying again.

Photo: Getty Images

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