Jimmy Buffet Opening Retirement Homes?!

Mr. Margaritaville wants to bring the parrot life to old folks. Jimmy Bufffet is opening a string of retirement homes.

Buffet, owner of the Margaritaville restaurant chain, wants to appeal to the retired community with some fun and entertaining retirement communities of his own. "Inspired by the legendary music and lifestyle of singer, songwriter and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett, your new home in paradise features exciting recreation, unmatched dining and FINtastic nightlife," the Latitude Margaritaville site says.


Sounds like a good time to me! I'm only in my 30's but am ready to sign up now. I hope one of the benefits is free Margarita's everyday at 5p! 

Your older family members are gonna be partying their ass off till they die. I have a feeling that if you put Grandpa in this retirement community, you can expect more phone calls going like this: (click below)



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