New "Kitten Fur" Let's You Smell Like Your Cat

In case you are so much of a cat lady that you want to smell like you cats, a new perfume is out for you!

Demeter Fragrance Library shared their new "Kitten Fur" perfume on Facebook and wrote, "If you guessed Kitten Fur, you're correct! A fragrance so good, it PURRS. 15 years in the making, we’ve captured the olfactory essence of warmth and comfort. That PURRfect spot, just behind a kitten’s neck. Cat lover or not, this beautiful scent is sure to satisfy your curiosity! Only at Demeter Fragrance Library."


I have a cat but not sure I want to smell like him. Matter of fact, anytime I go over to my aunts house that has too many cats, I struggle to get that smell out of my nose. It's like a mix or urine and cigarettes over there. 



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