Cracker Barrel's Facebook Is Getting Hilariously Trolled, After Firing An Employee

#JusticeForBradsWife is trending, after people latched onto a FB post asking why his wife was fired from Cracker Barrel.

Brad said his wife had been a loyal employee for 11 years and was upset that she was abruptly fired. The firing manager reportedly just said, "She wasn't working out". 


Now the internet is demanding answers. People have been trolling the Cracker Barrel Facebook and Twitter with things about Brad's wife and it's pretty hilarious.


Even Chic-Fil-A jumped into the fun:


This is now my favorite amusement for the day! Haha

One comment said: "We tried to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch today, but as soon as we got inside, my daughter asked, 'Where's Brad's wife?' She cried herself to sleep tonight."

And there's this! Hahaha A song about it:



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