1 in 8 Millennials Can't Do One Simple Task

New research is so sad about millennials. 1 in 8 can't seem to figure out this one simple task!


Dr Sandi Mann, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Central Lancashire researched millennials and their lack of common knowledge or ability. (Mirror UK) He found over half wouldn't have a clue how to put up wallpaper, but even more sad, 1 in 8 couldn't change a light bulb. SERIOUSLY?!

I do feel like parents are failing these days on simple things. I was just talking to my wife about how I wish my dad taught me more about fixing a car or building things with wood. He's good at it, but never really took the time to show me and help me learn for future man stuff!

Mann told The Mirror, 'Millennials are being brought up to be tech-savvy and their skill is in electronic manipulation - whilst their parents might be better at changing lightbulbs, it is the older generation who often turn to the younger ones for help when their computer or phone crashes.'




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