Pepsi Facing Major Backlash For "Insensitive" New Commercial

Pepsi's new commercial with Kendall Jenner settling protests with police by sharing a Pepsi is sparking backlash.

Many are saying it trivializes the Black Lives Matter movement and is insensitive. Kendall Jenner is modeling while protests march down the street towards a police human barricade. All is made good when Kendall Jenner joins the march and hands an officer a Pepsi. That's when the crowd lives in harmony and cheers. 


UPDATE: Pepsi just took the ad down due to all the backlash and tweeted this:


There is every race represented in this commercial, so I don't see the connection fully to exploiting the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Police generally create a presence during any protest. I'd say Pepsi was playing on all different protests and turmoil this country is in. There are Women's protest, Muslim protests, illegal immigrant protests and Black Live Matter, among others. I don't think it was an amazingly creative approach for the brand and its a bit cheesy. 

I'm actually most offended more that they think a Kardashian can solve all our problems! 

Your thoughts?

Here's how twitter is reacting:



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