Texas Couple Thanks Strangers For Saving Their Babies In A Flood

A group of strangers are now heroes after saving an entire family from a flooding truck in Texas. Heavy storms made the roads in Myrtle Springs, TX treacherous. One family nearly lost their lives in the rising flood waters. 


Emily and Phillip Ocheltree where attempting to drive to a safer spot when their truck was overtaken by flood waters and flipped 3 times. “Water was coming into the cab of the truck,” Phillip, told TODAYHe said there was a very "helpless" feeling.


That's when the good Samaritans jumped into rising flood waters and saved the kids and the parents. Emily said she kept telling them to save the babies, that'd she find her way out.  

The couple was on the TODAY show to unite with they're guardian angels. Emily couldn't hold back a giant hug and a tearful "Thank you so much!". "You did such a good job saving my babies", she told Jimen Martinez.

Phillip shared a heart warming "Thank you" for everyone's support while the kids recover. Saying "God has worked his miracle here today #TEAMADDYBUG".


Prayers for this family and I hope the little ones recover 100%. What a story! 



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