Girl Goes To Prom....In A Coffin

A 17-year-old New Jersey high school student shocked her junior class when she showed up to Prom in a hearse, laying in a coffin. 

It was very creepy, unless you consider that she is an aspiring funeral director....... ok, still F'n CREEPY!

Megan Flaherty, of Pennsauken High School, got her dates approval to be quirky and fun with her idea for a unique junior prom entrance. The photos and videos have gone viral. 


My first thought was, "there's no way she had a date", but she did and he grabbed her hand and helped her out of the coffin. I'm sure he thought she was drop dead gorgeous.


There are some pretty hilarious tweets about it too. 


Not sure that's the girl I'd wanna take to prom. Creative and unique I like, I'd be worried that her dancing would be a little "stiff"



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