High School Kids Pepper Sprayed For Class, Has People Outraged

Students at Barberton High School in Ohio were pepper sprayed by their teacher for "extra-credit" in a Criminal Science Technology class. The video has gone viral and is sparking outrage.


One comment on the video said, "Who the f**k thought this was a great idea?" They continued, "I get that police and military will often get sprayed during training so that they know what it's like.  But spraying a bunch of highschool students, especially when you apparently don't have something to wash their eyes out with ready to go, seems massively misguided to me."

Parents signed a waiver for their students to participate that was sent home by the Chief of Police, who was on hand for the demonstration.

Granted, the pain is temporary but this seems pretty aggressive for a high school class to endure. I'm not sure I would've signed for my child to do this, but  since it was voluntary, I'm not real upset. 


Another comment talked of the legal ramifications even with a parent's consent saying, "This is not how liability or consent works, so if it is illegal to pepper spray children without high scrutiny of cause, and it is illegal for parents to authorize their children to be assaulted, it does not become legal because a consent form is signed."



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