Jason Aldean Drops New Video Featuring Real Hard Working People

Jason Aldean just changed his logo to feature his initials in the shape of Georgia.

Just in time for a new video about growing up and putting in hard work in a small town. The song is his newest hit called "They Don't Know". 

Aldean told USA Today, “If you live in some big city and you get all your fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, that stuff didn’t just magically appear on the shelf. Some farmer in the Midwest or the South busted his ass to get it there. That’s how they make their living. They’re some of the hardest-working people there are. A lot of times they don’t get the respect they deserve.”

Those are the exact people he wanted to feature in the new "They Don't Know" video. 

The video is phenomenal! I'ts blocked from embedding so CLICK HERE to see it



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