Wedding Ceremony Held For A Woman In Hospice

Tennessee couple Matthew Mager, 29, and Ronda Bivens, 28 have been together for 10 years and weren't about to let a terminal illness spoil their dreams of a wedding. 

Bivens was diagnosed with epithelioid sarcoma, a very rare cancer, on her ankle. things went downhill fast for her this month, and she has since been admitted to Hospice care. Mager still wanted her to be his bride, so they set up a wedding in her hospice room and shared their vows. Inside Edition was there to film the amazing moment.


Even with a leg amputation, the cancer spread through her body fast. Doctors have only given her days to live. (READ MORE)

This was such a touching moment to watch. This mans love for his bride is something to envy. He may not have her for much longer, but it was important to him to give her that moment and to call her his wife. 



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