Bee Tattoos Are They Way Many Are Honoring Manchester Bombing Victims

Tattoo parlors in Manchester are being flooded with requests for Bee tattoos, after Monday's tragic concert bombing at Manchester arena.

24-year-old Freya Elliott shared her tattoo on Instagram writing, "This by no means brings anyone back, however all proceeds of this tattoo have been sent directly to those affected. I'm paying my respects to my beautiful hometown and the people who have lost their lives and families in these awful attacks. I'm proud to be Mancunian, the love and support shared by the city had been overwhelming"


According to AOL, The worker bee is sort of a symbol for the working class in Manchester. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, they used it to symbolize the strength and unity of their community.

 I read many statements about the resiliency of the people of Manchester during tough times. I applaud this display of solidarity and how some of the parlors are sending the proceeds to help the victims.  



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