Man Sets Record For Plinko, Winning $31,500

Price Is Right contestant Ryan just lost his mind, when he brok the record for Plinko by winning $31,500.

The crowd and Ryan both went wild as he dropped the first chip and it won $10,000, then he somehow dropped the 3 and 5th chip into the $10,000 slot too! HOLY COW!  


This is the biggest pot ever in the Drew Carey Price Is Right era.

If I could just have a piece of this guys luck! The most I ever win is like $5 on a scratch off! 

P.S. Price is Right is my favorite game show of all time. I went to the live roadshow a couple years ago in Charlotte, but sadly didn't get picked as a contestant. 

In 2002, a U.S. Army solider won $40,000 in Plinko. That's when there was a $20,000 spot on the board. Now the largest is only $10,000 so the odds are even harder. 



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