Shocking Video Of Canadian Man Who Survived A Bear Attack

A Video has gon viral of a Canadian bow hunter who nearly lost his life in a bear attack. It happened in Northern Ontario. A black bear charged and knocked him over and started to maul him.  

According to The Weather Newtork, who shared the video on YouTube,  he is a seasoned archery hunter and at the time was hunting on his land in Hearst, Ontario, Canada. It was also his birthday. 

This is a rare and terrifying moment caught on tape. He told The Weather Network: ‘It is a true learning experience as to how unpredictable our wild black bears can be. I decided to share with everyone to show people on how fast a bear can charge attack an individual.’


I went camping in the mountains and we encountered a bear about this size. He was a bout 100 yards away and that was scary enough. He paid attention to what we were doing but didn't get aggressive, thankfully. 



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