Memorial Day Giants/Nationals Game Turns Into Bench Clearing Brawl

There is a bit of history between Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper that carries a lot of tension. So when Strickland hit Harper in the hip with a pitch, the fist started swingin.

The Giants vs. Nationals memorial day game became a bench clearing brawl on the mound when Harper charged the pitcher, in the Top of the 8th.


No one seemed to get hurt too badly, except that Jeff Samardzija and Mike Morse, who are on the same team, smashed hard into each other trying to break it up.


I like a good sports fight like the next guy, but how does no one get arrested for this? I'm sure some suspensions will happen, but if I did the same thing at a bar or in the stands at the game, I'm sitting in jail overnight. 



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