Birkin Handbag Goes For Record Amount Of Money At Auction

Shhhh... no one show this to my wife. She's LOVES handbags... and I like still owning my house. 

A crocodile skin Hermès Birkin bag went for a record amount at auction. The bag is a matte white "Himalaya" with 18-karat-gold buckles and 205 diamonds sewn onto it. Someone paid $380,000 for it at an auction in Hong Kong. It looks much like the bag below. (AOL)


I sweat a little when my wife looks at a purse that's over $200. I'm pretty sure I'd go into a coma if she was dying to have this one. Granted, this bag cost more than any house I've ever owned so that's probably why. 

The biggest problem spending that much on a purse, is now you can't afford to have anything to put in it. 


The purse below is the previous record holder.



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