Kathy Griffin Says Horrible Trump Photo Shoot "Went Way Too Far"

The backlash from Kathy Griffin's latest photo shoot has been massive. 

In the shoot she was holding a bloody Donald Trump head. Many called it disgusting and morbid. 


The photo that circled the internet yesterday has since been taken down by Griffin and the photographer. That didn't stop CNN from firing her as co-host of their New Years Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper.

Even President Trump tweeted about the disturbing image, saying his son saw it on the news and was very hurt by it. 


Just hours after the photo became public, Griffin took to Twitter to apologize and said it "went way too far". She said that she's made some bad mistakes in her comedic career and this was one of them. She "crossed the line" and sees that "it wasn't funny". 


I think she did it for publicity and because she's in a low point in her career. It's a very sick way to get attention, and I think we should all have more respect for our Commander and Chief, regardless of your personal beliefs on his politics. He is still the one who is running our country. 

It's extra disgusting being that we live in a time where bombings of innocent people, like Manchester, are happening so often, and ISIS releases videos of beheadings every few weeks. We consume enough blood and carnage daily, that I can't fathom how anyone thought this would be humorous. I'm pretty much over Kathy Griffin, to be honest. 



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