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Kindergartner Becomes Youngest Kid Ever To Make National Spelling Bee

Tonight is the finals for the SCRIPPS National Spelling Bee, and Edith Fuller, 6, has become the youngest kid to ever qualify for the Bee.

Edith is the youngest of 4 kids from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The word that pushed her into the finals was "Nyctinasty"

Her parents said they knew she had a gift, when she was spelling some pretty big words over dinner. 

She told press that she's excited to be in the National Spelling bee and when they asked if she plans to be back next year, she answered like a BOSS saying, "If I don't win this year!"

This little girl is my spirit animal! Love her! Wishing her the best tonight! 

I put my OShow Family to the test with The O Show Spelling Bee. It went as expected:

Here are the most misspelled words in each state thanks to Google Trends:

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